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  • The isopropyl amine group in isoproterenol makes it selective for β receptors. Deaths have been reported following excessive use of isoproterenol inhalation preparations and the exact cause is unknown. — “Isoprenaline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • beta-2: Isoproterenol > Epi >> Norepi. beta-3: Isoproterenol = Norepi > Epi * These should be "greater than or alpha: Noradrenaline > adrenaline > isoproterenol. beta: isoproterenol > adrenaline > noradrenaline. This makes also much more sence from a. — “Talk:Adrenergic receptor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Isoproterenol (β1 and β2) Metaproterenol. Salmeterol. Terbutaline. Clenbuterol. Isoetarine Fenoterol • Formoterol • Hexoprenaline • Higenamine • Indacaterol • Isoetarine • Isoprenaline (Isoproterenol). — “Beta-adrenergic agonist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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