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General Crossword Questions for “isomorph”

  • Is odd room at pub the same shape?


  • An isomorph is an organism that does not change in shape during growth. The implication is that its volume is proportional to its cubed length, and its surface area to its squared length. This holds for any shape it might have; the actual shape determines the proportionality constants. — “Isomorph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Isomorph Records, also known as Isomorphs, is an independent record label based in London. The label is run by acclaimed[1] designer, illustrator and entrepreneur Kate Moross. Launched in November 2007[2], in its first year the label has seen. — “Isomorph Records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Isomorph" is a broad term. This article obviously should be renamed into "isomorph (Dynamic Energy Budget theory)". Even in the context of biology, the usual definition of isomorph is "an organism that exhibits isomorphism", which I can see as hardly overlapping with the definition here. — “Talk:Isomorph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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