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General Crossword Questions for “ibis”

  • Wading bird
  • Wader
  • Large wading bird
  • Wader worshipped by ancient Egyptians
  • One twice got the bird
  • I put on gravy, but not to bird
  • Bird is injected with thiamine
  • Bird losing way going west is a wader
  • Bird, I repeat!
  • Bird is following another half way back
  • What is this bird?
  • One's caught big tailless wader
  • One's holding large tailless bird
  • Wading bird of tropical waters
  • I'm at the front of the bistro: "The Stork"
  • Stork-like bird
  • Glossy wading bird
  • Storklike bird


  • The ibises (collective plural ibis[1]; classical plurals ibides[2][3] and ibes[3]) are a group of long-legged wading birds in the family Threskiornithidae. They all have long down curved bills, and usually feed as a group, probing mud for food items, usually crustaceans. — “Ibis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber) is a species of ibis that inhabits tropical South America and also Trinidad and Tobago. A juvenile Scarlet Ibis is grey and white; as it grows the ingestion. — “Scarlet Ibis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Crested Ibis (Nipponia nippon), also known as the Japanese Crested Ibis or Toki (Japanese: トキ, variously written in kanji as 朱鷺, 鴇, 鵇 or 鴾), is a large (up to 78.5 cm long), white-plumaged ibis of pine forests. At one time, the Crested Ibis was widespread in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Russia. — “Crested Ibis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • [Footnote 38: Wings of an Ibis. –Ver. 331. The Ibis was a bird of Egypt, much resembling a crane, or stork. It was said to be of peculiarly unclean habits, and to subsist upon serpents.]... — “Metamorphoses” by Ovid


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