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General Crossword Questions for “iambi”

  • I am bipedal, having poetic feet
  • William (Bill) Shakespeare's feet
  • The feet of William Birkett


  • Its use in other genres of composition include Horace's satires, and According to Greek mythology, hexameter was invented by the god Hermes. — “Hexameter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Iambic pentameter must always contain only five feet, and the second foot is almost always an iamb. As the examples show, iambic pentameter need not consist entirely of iambs, nor need it have ten syllables. Most poets who have a great facility for iambic pentameter. — “Iambic pentameter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Nilamba or Nilambari or Niramba (there is no distinction between /r/ and /l/; also known with the prefixes Iki-, I-, or Ki-, as Nilyamba or Nyilamba) is a Bantu language of spoken by the Nilamba and Iambi people of the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania. — “Nilamba language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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