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  • However, some had humanlike rather than horselike legs (compare with early Centaurs, whose front legs were often humanlike) It means a person riding a horse.[citation needed] It is also used as an adjective as in ἱππότης λεώς (hippotes leos) — horse riding people. — “Ipotane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Three-toed, and even a one-toed horselike form developed. This order, known only from South America, was common and varied in early faunas and persisted, in decreasing Early forms are near the condylarths, to such an extent that the litopterns might be considered merely as surviving and diversely. — “Litopterna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A large dark brown to black antelope with a long off-white horselike tail and an upright mane of off-white hairs tipped with brown. The coat is short and glossy in summer but becomes shaggier in winter. Both sexes carry horns which bend sharply downwards, forwards and upwards. — “User:Rooivalk/Sand Pit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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