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  • At the climax of the piece, the piano stops as Gretchen becomes overly distracted by the thought of Faust's kiss, and then only hesitatingly begins again as she realizes she has forgotten to keep spinning. Schubert ingeniously uses the piano. — “Gretchen am Spinnrade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This is marked by a cross next to his credit. His credit for piano on "Das Yvonnchen" is the only musician's credit on the album. Sentimental" and "Flashback" are ambient pieces, featuring "Menschen" played backwards (and hesitatingly). — “Individuellos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Hesitatingly, Seregil invites Alec to escape with him, and together they manage to get away. Hesitatingly, Seregil invites Alec to escape with him, and together they manage to get. — “The Nightrunner Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • But once, the mood was on him too deep for common regardings; and as with heavy, lumber-like pace he was measuring the ship from taffrail to mainmast, Stubb, the old second mate, came up from below, with a certain unassured, deprecating humorousness, hinted that if Captain Ahab was pleased to walk the planks, then, no one could say nay; but there might be some way of muffling the noise; hinting something indistinctly and hesitatingly about a globe of tow, and the insertion into it, of the ivory heel. — “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville
  • Marionetta blushed, and was silent. Scythrop was also silent for a time, and at length hesitatingly said, 'My deal sir, your goodness overpowers me; but really you are so precipitate.' — “Nightmare Abbey” by Thomas Love Peacock
  • Phillotson did not speak; the door was hesitatingly opened, and there entered–Sue. — “Jude the Obscure” by Thomas Hardy
  • The blowing of the coach-horn in the yard was a seasonable diversion, which made me get up and hesitatingly inquire, in the mingled pride and diffidence of having a purse (which I took out of my pocket), if there were anything to pay. — “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens
  • Her hands shifted the damp cloth hesitatingly from one to the other, exactly as they had shifted the little travelling-bag on the night when I first saw her. — “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins
  • Fogg's project as madness; the Daily Telegraph alone hesitatingly supported him. — “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne


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