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  • Haematein must not be confused with haematin, which is a brown to black iron-containing pigment formed by decomposition of haemoglobin. In the Colour Index (but nowhere else), haematein is called haematine, a confusing word that wrongly implies that the compound is an amine. — “Hematein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Interestingly the active component of haematoxylin is the oxidised form, haematin, although this rarely acknowledged in the literature which refer to Phosphotungstic acid forms a lake with haematin.[17] The make –up of the reagent is uncertain, examination of a year old sample showed there to be. — “Phosphotungstic acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • During staining alum haematoxylin stained sections are usually passed on to a neutral or alkaline solution (e.g. hard tap water or 1% ammonium hydroxide) in order to neutralize the acid and form an insoluble blue aluminium haematin complex. This procedure is known as blueing. — “Haematoxylin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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