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  • Brigadier General James Franklin Hackler Jr. was born on 8 September 1920, in Marion, Virginia. General Hackler returned to Europe in 1953, where he served in West. — “James F. Hackler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 2008 proved to be a strenuous year for Far-Less, yet the band pushed on with the aid of long-time friends (now current members) Brandon Hackler on guitar and Tyler Hill on drums. Welch, Jordan Powers, Brandon Hackler, Tyler Joel Hill, and Brian. — “Far-Less - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Carbon released by deforestation between 1850-2000 is 156 GtC (Haughton & Hackler, 2002), reducing the total photosynthesising biomass to 540 GtC in 2000. Reduction in photosynthesis between 1850-2000: 156 / (540 + 156) = ~22 Houghton, R. A., & Hackler, J. L., 2002, "Carbon Flux to the. — “Carbon budget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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