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  • Hacked (computer slang), when a computer system has been compromised or made insecure by outside forces. Hack (technology), a term used in the technology and computer science fields. — “Hack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Hacking (English verb to hack, singular noun a hack) refers to the re-configuring or re-programming of a system to function in ways not facilitated by the owner, administrator, or designer. The terms "hack" and "hacking" are also used to refer to a modification of a program or device to give the. — “Hack (technology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Hack (disambiguation): a hacker is one who hacks. Hacker-Craft: Boats made by the Hacker Boat Company Reality hacking, activism through legally dubious disruption of digital media. — “Hacker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • But how much more than that is true of our race? They struggled to keep their place among the nations like heroes–yea, when the hand was hacked off, they clung with their teeth; but when the plow and the harrow had passed over the last visible signs of their national covenant, and the fruitfulness of their land was stifled with the blood of the sowers and planters, they said, 'The spirit is alive, let us make it a lasting habitation–lasting because movable–so that it may be carried from generation to generation, and our sons unborn may be rich in the things that have been, and possess a hope built on an unchangeable foundation.' They said it and they wrought it, though often breathing with scant life, as in a coffin, or as lying wounded amid a heap of slain. — “Daniel Deronda” by George Eliot
  • She had the ransacking of the wardrobes of the two defunct ladies, and cut and hacked their posthumous finery so as to suit her own tastes and figure. — “Vanity Fair” by William Makepeace Thackeray
  • I beat it and hacked it considerable a-doing it. — “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain
  • Were there no lying upon the hard ground, no enduring, armed at all points, the meridional heats, no feeding upon the flesh of horses and asses, no seeing a man's self hacked and hewed to pieces, no suffering a bullet to be pulled out from amongst the shattered bones, no sewing up, cauterising and searching of wounds, by what means were the advantage we covet to have over the vulgar to be acquired? 'Tis far from flying evil and pain, what the sages say, that of actions equally good, a man should most covet to perform that wherein there is greater labour and pain. — “Essays” by Michel de Montaigne
  • At the station the colonel put some money into Smith's hand and bid him good-by, saying, "Take care of your young mistress, Reuben, and don't let Black Auster be hacked about by any random young prig that wants to ride him–keep him for the lady." — “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell
  • "Like red wine, your worship had better say," replied Sancho; "for I would have you know, if you don't know it, that the dead giant is a hacked wine-skin, and the blood four-and-twenty gallons of red wine that it had in its belly, and the cut-off head is the bitch that bore me; and the devil take it all." — “Don Quixote” by Miguel De Cervantes


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