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General Crossword Questions for “haciendas”

  • Ranches losing head need aid to rebuild them


  • The hacienda system of Argentina, parts of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and New Granada was a system of large land-holdings that were an end in themselves as the marks of status (in Portuguese, the cognate term fazenda applies to the similar system in Brazil). — “Hacienda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Haciendas de Jalisco y Aledaños (1506–1821) is a book written in Spanish by Ricardo Lancaster-Jones y Verea (1905–83), it's about the rural history of haciendas (rural estates) in the State of Jalisco (Mexico), since the origins of the Kingdom. — “Haciendas de Jalisco y Aledaños (1506–1821) - Wikipedia, the”,
  • In 1954 he gave a group of 13 photographs to Paul Alexander Bartlett, depicting the haciendas Santa Cruz and El Cortijo (Jalisco) from 1880 to 1940.[41] 1974 – Haciendas de Jalisco. His important archive of documents related to the rural. — “Ricardo Lancaster-Jones y Verea - Wikipedia, the free”,


  • Gould's left hand, he looked about with kindly eyes, pointing out the features of the country, telling the names of the little pueblos and of the estates, of the smooth-walled haciendas like long fortresses crowning the knolls above the level of the Sulaco Valley. — “Nostromo” by Joseph Conrad


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