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General Crossword Questions for “habilis”

  • Handy man first entering wine with no head


  • H. habilis was short and had disproportionately long arms compared to modern humans; however, it had a less protruding face than the australopithecines from which it is thought to have descended. H. habilis had a cranial capacity slightly less than half of the size of modern humans. — “Homo habilis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Homo habilis wie in minskesoarte dy't om-ende-by 2,2 oant 1,5 miljoen jier lyn libbe hat yn East-Afrika. Yn alle gefallen waard stiennen ark oan de Homo habilis taskreaun en dêrmei soe dizze soart de earste minskesoart wêze. — “Homo habilis - Wikipedy”,
  • Homo habilis (also known as "handy man") used primitive stone tools. The flat face and large molars of the Homo habilis resemble the Australopithecus lineage. The brain size of the Homo habilis is about 700 cc (larger than the Australopithecus). — “Homo habilis - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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