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General Crossword Questions for “haberdasher”

  • Dealer in sewing items etc


  • Haberdashers were initially peddlers, sellers of small wares such as needles, buttons, etc. The word could derive from the an Old Norse word akin to the Icelandic haprtask, which means "peddlers' wares" or the sack in which the peddler carried them. — “Haberdasher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Men who give thought to care and taste in their dress will be interested to hear of the opening today of The Raleigh Haberdasher at 1109 Pennsylvania avenue. The aim of the Raleigh Haberdasher will be to sell the very newest and best in exclusive furnishings and hats for men at the lowest prices. — “Raleigh Haberdasher - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Some of Dudeney's most famous innovations were his 1903 success at solving the Haberdasher's Puzzle (Cut an equilateral triangle into four pieces that can be rearranged to make a square) and publishing the first known crossnumber puzzle, in 1926. — “Henry Dudeney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • "I wonder which would turn out to be the silliest–the engravings or the writing here," said Lydgate, in his most convinced tone, while he turned over the pages quickly, seeming to see all through the book in no time, and showing his large white hands to much advantage, as Rosamond thought. "Do look at this bridegroom coming out of church: did you ever see such a 'sugared invention'–as the Elizabethans used to say? Did any haberdasher ever look so smirking? Yet I will answer for it the story makes him one of the first gentlemen in the land." — “Middlemarch” by George Eliot


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