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  • Gruiform means "crane-like." Traditionally, a number of wading and terrestrial bird families that did not Using 12S ribosomal DNA sequences, Houde et al. (1997) were the first to present molecular genetic evidence of gruiform polyphyly, although apparently they were not convinced by it. — “Gruiformes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • "Phasianus" alfhildae (Washakie B Late Eocene of Haystack Butte, USA) - gruiform, ciconiiform, phoenicopteriform? Might include Elaphrocnemus and Filholornis. Telecrex (Irdin Manha Late Eocene of Chimney Butte, Mongolia) - meleagrid or gruiform (rallid?. — “List of fossil birds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Regarding its scientific name, Laornis means "stone bird", from Ancient Greek lao "stone" + ornis "bird" It may be considered some kind of basal gruiform, or more probably part of an ancestral lineage related to the common ancestor of gruiform, charadriiform, and/or any or all other modern ". — “Laornis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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