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  • If a player should attempt to blunder about in the darkness in hopes of achieving whatever goal first brought them there, the presence of grues ensures that they will Much is made of the idea that grues have such an aversion to light that no one has ever seen one and it is. — “Grue (monster) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The elemental grues, including the chaggrin, the harginn, the ildriss, and the varrdig, The mud grue appears for the second edition in Dungeon #37 (September 1992).The chagrin, the harginn, the ildriss, and the vardigg appear as the grues for the Al-Qadim setting in Secrets of the Lamp (1993). — “Grue (Dungeons & Dragons) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • (Redirected from Grues) Jump to: navigation, search. Grue may refer to: Grue (monster), a predator invented by Jack Vance and featured in the Zork series. Grue and bleen, portmanteau words formed from green and blue, coined by Nelson Goodman to illustrate his "new riddle of induction". — “Grue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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