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General Crossword Questions for “growable”

  • Argue, entering part of roof? That could be raised!


  • In computer science, a dynamic array, growable array, resizable array, dynamic table, or array list is a random access, variable-size list data structure that allows elements to be added or removed. It is supplied with standard libraries in many modern mainstream programming languages. — “Dynamic array - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Experience gained via racing is also used in improving some player's belongings or allow special interactions with the items, for instance, Experience gained can level up pets, farm animals, and growable farm crops. Growable items use experience points obtained by the player in races. — “TalesRunner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Burstsort and its variants are cache-efficient algorithms for sorting strings and are faster than quicksort and radix sort for Burstsort algorithms use tries to store prefixes of strings, with growable arrays of pointers as end nodes containing sorted, unique, suffixes (referred to as buckets). — “Burstsort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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