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General Crossword Questions for “gramme”

  • Unit of weight
  • Arm Meg (anag)
  • Some big ram men may judge by its weight


  • Zénobe Théophile Gramme (April 4, 1826, Amay - January 20, 1901) was a Belgian electrical engineer. . He invented the Gramme machine, a type of direct current dynamo capable of generating smoother (less AC) and much higher voltages than the dynamos known to that point. — “Zénobe Gramme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A Gramme machine or Gramme magneto. A Gramme machine, Gramme ring, Gramme magneto, or Gramme dynamo is an electrical generator which produces direct current, named for its Belgian inventor, Zénobe Gramme, and was built as either a dynamo or a magneto. — “Gramme machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Pen cap, about 1 gram. For other uses of the words gram or gramme, see The gram is today the most widely used unit of measurement for non-liquid ingredients in. — “Gram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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