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  • Goldsmiths, University of London, is a constituent college of the University of London. The institution was founded in 1891 as Goldsmiths' Technical and Recreative Institute by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. It was acquired by the University of London in 1904 and was renamed Goldsmiths' College. — “Goldsmiths, University of London - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • A goldsmith is a metalworker who specializes in working with gold and other precious metals. Historically goldsmiths have also made flatware, platters, goblets, decorative and serviceable utensils, and ceremonial or religious items, but the rising prices of. — “Goldsmith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The third and present Goldsmiths' Hall in the second half of the 19th century ( The word hallmarking arises from the fact that precious metals were officially inspected and marked in Goldsmiths' Hall, the Company's official home.) Today, the Company is one of the few Livery Companies that. — “Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths - Wikipedia, the free”,


  • And whereas there is now hardly a town of France or Italy in which you shall not see some noble countryman of our own, with that happy swagger and insolence of demeanour which we carry everywhere, swindling inn-landlords, passing fictitious cheques upon credulous bankers, robbing coach-makers of their carriages, goldsmiths of their trinkets, easy travellers of their money at cards, even public libraries of their books–thirty years ago you needed but to be a Milor Anglais, travelling in a private carriage, and credit was at your hand wherever you chose to seek it, and gentlemen, instead of cheating, were cheated. — “Vanity Fair” by William Makepeace Thackeray


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