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  • Overview of the TV series Charmed. Includes articles about the show, pictures, history, character list and details, and DVD release dates. She also has the Whitelighter abilities of Orbing and Glamouring (to shapeshift into a different human appearance). — “Charmed - Wikipedia”,
  • I am planning on changing the name, unless som eone can show where in canon it's called glamouring. One seems to be best described as glamouring, which the witch's use spells to accomplish. — “Talk:Glamouring (Charmed) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Power- Orbing, Healing, Glamouring, Telekentic Orbing [edit] Granchildren of Piper and Orbing, Healing, Glamouring, Orb Combustion (ability to cause permanent combustion. — “User:Mgyeldell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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