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  • Broken leg, we hear, could adjust one's speed


  • (Redirected from Gearwheel) Jump to: navigation, search. For the gear-like device used to drive a roller chain, see Sprocket. This Two meshing gears transmitting rotational motion. Note that the smaller gear is rotating faster. Although the larger gear is. — “Gear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Operating on the principle of the ratchet device, a gearwheel and a stiff board is mounted on a handle, which can be freely The handle is held and the whole mechanism is swung around, the momentum causing the board to click against the gearwheel, making a clicking and rattling noise. — “Ratchet (instrument) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I tend to agree, but a) what spelling and b) really should be at wiktionary rather than wikipedia. There was a graphite gearwheel that some folks used. I would run that one when I was doing freestyle but not for racing. The dirt would actually screw up that gearwheel. It was fun and. — “Talk:Hole shot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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