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  • French Twist (French: Gazon maudit), is a 1995 French comedy film. Gazon maudit won Josiane Balasko the César Award for Best Writing in 1996. The film was also one of the 53rd Golden Globe Awards nominees in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. — “French Twist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Gaanman Gazon (born 1910s) is the current chief or headman of the Aukan or Ndyuka people of Suriname, South America. Gaanman Gazon belongs to the Otoo Lo or clan and most of the Aukan Chiefs have come from this clan. — “Gaaman Gazon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For other uses, see Lawn (disambiguation). A lawn is an area of aesthetic and Baseball fields, like this one, Citi Field in Queens, New York are covered with grass. — “Lawn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • If I durst presume, continued Trim, to give your Honour my advice, and speak my opinion in this matter.–Thou art welcome, Trim, quoth my uncle Toby–speak,–speak what thou thinkest upon the subject, man, without fear.–Why then, replied Trim, (not hanging his ears and scratching his head like a country-lout, but) stroking his hair back from his forehead, and standing erect as before his division,–I think, quoth Trim, advancing his left, which was his lame leg, a little forwards,–and pointing with his right hand open towards a map of Dunkirk, which was pinned against the hangings,–I think, quoth Corporal Trim, with humble submission to your Honour's better judgment,–that these ravelins, bastions, curtins, and hornworks, make but a poor, contemptible, fiddle-faddle piece of work of it here upon paper, compared to what your Honour and I could make of it were we in the country by ourselves, and had but a rood, or a rood and a half of ground to do what we pleased with: As summer is coming on, continued Trim, your Honour might sit out of doors, and give me the nography–(Call it ichnography, quoth my uncle,)–of the town or citadel, your Honour was pleased to sit down before,–and I will be shot by your Honour upon the glacis of it, if I did not fortify it to your Honour's mind.–I dare say thou would'st, Trim, quoth my uncle.–For if your Honour, continued the Corporal, could but mark me the polygon, with its exact lines and angles–That I could do very well, quoth my uncle.–I would begin with the fosse, and if your Honour could tell me the proper depth and breadth–I can to a hair's breadth, Trim, replied my uncle.–I would throw out the earth upon this hand towards the town for the scarp,–and on that hand towards the campaign for the counterscarp.–Very right, Trim, quoth my uncle Toby:–And when I had sloped them to your mind,–an' please your Honour, I would face the glacis, as the finest fortifications are done in Flanders, with sods,–and as your Honour knows they should be,–and I would make the walls and parapets with sods too.–The best engineers call them gazons, Trim, said my uncle Toby.–Whether they are gazons or sods, is not much matter, replied Trim; your Honour knows they are ten times beyond a facing either of brick or stone.–I know they are, Trim in some respects,–quoth my uncle Toby, nodding his head;–for a cannon-ball enters into the gazon right onwards, without bringing any rubbish down with it, which might fill the fosse, (as was the case at St. — “Tristram Shandy” by Laurence Sterne


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