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  • refers to the Gaelic language, but can also refer to the transmission of any other Gaelic cultural feature Today, Gaelicisation is more often a pro active or deliberate process, particularly present in Ireland, whereby placenames,. — “Gaelicization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 13 June 1951 – 2 June 1954. Preceded by. John A. Costello. Succeeded by. John A. Costello. In 20 March 1957 – 23 June 1959. Preceded by. John A. Costello. Succeeded by. Seán Lemass. — “Éamon de Valera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Túva is a Gaelicized form in genitive position, and as it is a proper noun without article, it should take the form Thúva. Tugadh an leathanach seo cothrom le dáta an 17 Lúnasa 2008 ag 18:50. — “Plé:Túva - Vicipéid”,


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