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  • Tharefter he jyned the order o Observantine Franciscans, at varsity o Sanct Andrews or Edinburgh, an gaed on tae France as a wanderin freir. On the ither haund, we ken that he gaed wi that prelate til England on his mair successfu meesion in 1501. — “William Dunbar - Wikipedia”,
  • At 16, he gaed tae Dublin, for tae study at Blackrock College, an thare he stairtit playin Rugby (he gaed on tae play for the Munster rugby team) The neist year he graduatit frae the Royal University o Ireland an syne gaed ontae teach at Blackrock College. — “√Čamon de Valera - Wikipedia”,
  • Efter he wis honourably discharged in 1954, he gaed back tae Texas. He haed gaed intae the cove tae commit suicide unner the influence o drogs. — “Johnny Cash - Wikipedia”,


  • But that was before the sough** gaed abroad about Mr. — “Kidnapped” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • When she gaed to put the key i' the door, up it flew to the fer wa'. 'Bless ye, jaud, what's the meaning o' this?' quo she. 'Ye hae left the door open, ye tawpie!' quo she. 'The ne'er o' that I did,' quo I, 'or may my shakel bane never turn another key.' When we got the candle lightit, a' the house was in a hoad-road. 'Bessy, my woman,' quo she, 'we are baith ruined and undone creatures.' 'The deil a bit,' quo I; 'that I deny positively. — “The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner” by James Hogg


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