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  • The Gáe Bulg (also Gáe Bulga, Gáe Bolg, Gáe Bolga), meaning "spear of mortal pain/death spear", "gapped/notched spear", or "belly spear", was the name of the spear of Cúchulainn in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. The Gáe Bulg had to be made ready for use on a stream and cast from. — “Gáe Bulg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Gae Aulenti. The Orsay Museum's main gallery. Gae Aulenti (born Gaetana Aulenti 4 December 1927) is an Italian architect, lighting and interior designer, and industrial designer. She is well known for several large-scale museum projects, including. — “Gae Aulenti - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The fortress of Jinju was occupied by the Japanese during the Seven Year War, after a long battle in which Non Gae's lover Choe Gyeong-hoe was slain. Non Gae was called to entertain the victorious Japanese generals at the Chokseongnu Pavilion which overlooks the Nam River. — “Non Gae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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