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  • They still have the truly intrinsic survivalist philosophy us Gadje have lost somewhere along the way: attack Germany today, and And those Gadje that think they know everything about Roma, don't. — “Talk:Romani people/Archive 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Refugee camp of Kosovar Roma in southern Central Serbia, close to Kosovo Egyptians, Roma and Ashkalija however do not classify one another as Gadje. — “Roma in Kosovo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • That's a violence to our language, and an idle intention to impose an alien terminology - besides a misinformation for Gadje. I call for a new respect and a new cooperation between Romanies and gadje, and an end to the 19th century cultural colonialism that lives on in. — “Vakyarimata:Sherutni patrin - शेरुत्नि पात्रीन - Vikipidiya”,


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