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  • The video clip with the name gadis lokap (lady in custody, literally 'lock-up girl' in After it was revealed that the gadis lokap was a Malay, several Senators, or members of. — “Malaysian lock-up detainee abuse scandal - Wikipedia, the”,
  • Batang Gadis is a national park covering 1,080 kmĀ² in the west of Sumatra island, Indonesia. The protection of Batang Gadis as a national park is part of a plan to create the Northern Sumatra biodiversity conservation corridor, which would be connected, via a. — “Batang Gadis National Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The school, Whyteleafe, bears a striking resemblance to the independent Suffolk boarding Anne Digby, author of the Trebizon series, has written some additional books in the. — “The Naughtiest Girl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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