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  • Gadid (Hebrew: גָּדִיד‎) was an Israeli settlement located in the middle of the Gush Katif settlement bloc whose residents were expelled in Israel's disengagement of 2005. The origin of the name Gadid comes from the term used in the bible to describe the harvest of dates in the area. — “Gadid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • La mida de les diferents espècies és variable, essent el bacallà qui ostenta la màxima llargada: fins als 2 m. Gàdid. Podeu veure l'entrada corresponent d'aquest tàxon, clade o naturalista dins el projecte Wikispecies. — “Gàdid - Viquipèdia”,
  • Geddi Abdi Gadid (? – August 24, 2010) was a Somali politician, a member of the Transitional Federal Parliament. He was among the people killed in the attack on the Hotel Muna in Mogadishu by al-Shabaab, as were fellow parliamentarians Mohamed. — “Geddi Abdi Gadid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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