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General Crossword Questions for “gadfly”

  • Persistently annoying insect
  • Pest nowadays interrupts great career
  • Tribesman, cunning and irritating person
  • He's an annoying fellow, and damn smart
  • Annoying insect
  • Pestering insect


  • "Gadfly" is a term for people who upset the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions, or just being an irritant. The term "gadfly" (Ancient Greek: μυω̃ψ, myops)[1] was used by Plato in the Apology[2] to describe Socrates' relationship of uncomfortable goad to the Athenian political. — “Social gadfly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • "Gadfly", a term used for flies that annoy horses and other livestock, usually used to refer to the horse-fly or the botfly Gadfly (database), a relational database in the Python programming language. — “Gadfly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The gadfly petrels are seabirds in the bird order Procellariiformes. These medium to large petrels feed on food items picked from the ocean surface. The taxonomy of the gadfly petrels is being reformed at the moment. — “Gadfly petrel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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