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General Crossword Questions for “gadabout”

  • Rover in boat, a dugout
  • Rover, in search of pleasure, takes false silver back and forth
  • Evil One rising in disorder, a restless spirit
  • Rover has complaint about a fish


  • Sir Gadabout was an adaptation of series of books by Martyn Beardsley.[1] The show was produced by Lucy Goodman who co-wrote on She often aids Gadabout and his squire Will (Later Juan) in their adventures. The kingdom is terrorised by the terrible twosome Sir Rancid and his "Nanny" - a comical. — “Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land - Wikipedia, the”,
  • The Gadabout Traveling Film Festival is an annual touring festival that screens a program of 20+ independent short films. The Gadabout is deep routed in the punk rock/DIY scene. Maintaining. — “Gadabout Traveling Film Festival - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • The Phillips Gadabout was one of a number of mopeds produced in the early 1960s by Phillips Cycles of Birmingham, England. The Gadabout had a pressed-steel frame, not unlike the German NSU Quickly whereas the more basic Phillips Panda , had a tubular bicycle-style frame. — “Phillips Gadabout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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