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  • the Pays de grandes gabelles, in which the salt came from the Atlantic and the tax was the Pays de petites gabelles, in which the salt came from the Mediterranean and the tax. — “Gabelle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • However, the château suffered in the Fronde and was in a poor state by the time it was sold in 1654 to Pierre Mérault, the former fermier des gabelles who had been promoted to a noble by buying a écuyership, who was also secretary to king Louis XIV. It was Mérault who built the present castle. — “Château de Chamarande - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Bernardin Bochetel son of Catherine and Baboon, its paternal grandparents Francis and Marie Bochetel Pellorde. He began his career with the office of clerk of aid and gabelles in Berry. — “Guillaume Bochetel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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