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  • Gabbro (pronounced /ˈɡæbroʊ/) refers to a large group of dark, coarse-grained, intrusive Gabbro as a xenolith in a granite, eastern Sierra Nevada, Rock Creek Canyon, California. — “Gabbro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In many mafic igneous rocks, such as gabbro and diabase, scapolite replaces feldspar by a can be no doubt that they were once gabbros, consisting of plagioclase and pyroxene) into. — “Scapolite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Modern petrology would classify the teschenites as an analcime bearing gabbro. Essexite is a form of silica-undersaturaed pyroxene gabbro, containing nepheline and orthoclase as essential. — “Theralite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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