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  • Gabbro (pronounced /ˈɡæbroʊ/) refers to a large group of dark, coarse-grained, intrusive mafic igneous rocks chemically equivalent to basalt. Long belts of gabbroic intrusions are typically formed at proto-rift zones and around ancient rift zone margins, intruding into the rift flanks. — “Gabbro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Lac des Îles igneous complex of northwestern Ontario, Canada is a layered gabbroic intrusion which is the host for the largest palladium orebody The ore minerals occur within gabbroic pegmatites and gabbro breccia zones. — “Lac des Îles igneous complex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The core complex builds on the upper block of the fault where most of the gabbroic (or crustal) material is stripped away to expose mantle peridotite. They comprise peridotites ultramafic rocks of mantle and to a lesser extent gabbroic rocks from the Earth's crust. — “Oceanic core complex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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