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General Crossword Questions for “fretsaw”

  • Fine-toothed tool
  • Tool for cutting designs in wood
  • Woodworking tool
  • One may cut start of film after which prodigal returns


  • The fretsaw is a saw used for intricate cutting work which often incorporates tight curves. This means that the fretsaw is less useful when cutting long narrow components, but the increased depth of the frame does allow access much further from the edge of the board. The fretsaw is similar in many. — “Fretsaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I think of all the unpowered and powered curve capable cutting implements, ie Jigsaw, Scrollsaw, Fretsaw, SabreSaw etc etc, everyone calls one the other. For example many people incorrectly call Scroll Saws Fretsaw - yet technically they are correct. — “Talk:Fretsaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Coping saw blades are always thicker and much coarser cutting than typical fretsaw blades. The much deeper frame of the fretsaw is more useful for cutting well away from the edge but conversely cannot manage the thicker. — “Coping saw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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