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  • The shrub has an upright habit with arching branches and grows to 3 to 4 metres high.[2] The opposite leaves turn yellowish or occasionally purplish in the autumn before falling.[3] The usually pale-yellow 'Gold Tide' ('Courtasol') - floriferous, with deep yellow autumn colour[3]. — “Forsythia × intermedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The only cultivated variety of C. laetum, known as 'Pink Star' is highly floriferous, but likely a selection of Colchicum byzantinum and not a separate species. The flowers are pale purple-pink with rounded ends and the petals of each bloom are often held parallel to the soil surface. [1]. — “Colchicum laetum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Grevillea banksii, known by various common names including Red silky oak, Dwarf silky oak, Banks' grevillea, Byfield waratah and, in Hawaii, Kahili somewhat horticulturally by smaller and more floriferous hybrids. — “Grevillea banksii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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