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  • Mania, the presence of which is a criterion for certain psychiatric diagnoses, is a state The word derives from the Greek "μανία" (mania), "madness, frenzy"[2] and that from the. — “Mania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Try interspersing "this snake" or "A. piscivorus" to break it up a "possibly extirpated" - a bit floridly-worded maybe just say "probably extinct". — “Talk:Agkistrodon piscivorus/GA1 - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Three Black Pennys, which followed in 1917, chronicled the fictional lives of three generations of Pennsylvania ironmasters and cemented the author's style of dealing with upperclass characters through a floridly descriptive style he referred to as "aestheticism. — “Joseph Hergesheimer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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