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  • Facilitated diffusion is not a type of diffusion (thermal motion) but a type of transport process. Facilitated diffusion is the spontaneous passage of molecules or ions across a biological membrane passing through specific transmembrane. — “Facilitated diffusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Facilitated communication (FC) is a process by which a facilitator supports the hand or arm of a communicatively impaired individual while using a keyboard or other devices with the aim of helping the individual to develop pointing skills and to communicate. — “Facilitated communication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The theory of facilitated variation addresses the nature and function of variation in evolution. The theory of facilitated variation is an effort to illustrate that seemingly complex biological systems can arise with a limited number of genes, and a limited number. — “Facilitated variation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • –The attack was determin'd upon: it was facilitated still more by my uncle Toby's having ordered the corporal to wheel off the pioneer's shovel, the spade, the pick-axe, the picquets, and other military stores which lay scatter'd upon the ground where Dunkirk stood–The corporal had march'd–the field was clear. — “Tristram Shandy” by Laurence Sterne
  • One topic facilitated the admission of another. — “Wieland” by Charles Brockden Brown
  • But while she was pursuing this thought the good genius of Sophia, or that which presided over the integrity of Mrs Honour, or perhaps mere chance, sent an accident in her way, which at once preserved her fidelity, and even facilitated the intended business. — “Tom Jones” by Henry Fielding
  • His plans were facilitated by the news which arrived from Paris. — “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley
  • The first beams of the rising Sun darting down it facilitated the ascent. — “The Monk” by Matthew Lewis
  • Fortunately, after an hour of fatigue and athletic exercises, in the midst of the vast surface of snow presented by the hollow between the two peaks, a kind of staircase appeared unexpectedly which greatly facilitated our ascent. — “A Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Jules Verne


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