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General Crossword Questions for “facet”

  • Particular aspect
  • Small flat surface of cut gemstone
  • Flippant cashier promises to pay for small plane
  • Appearance of champion in pink paper
  • It is, in fact, a point of view
  • Piece of information about European side
  • Newspaper's written about one aspect
  • Newspaper briefly covering one aspect
  • Confront time's aspect


  • The organization of naturally occurring facets was key to early developments in crystallography, since they reflect the underlying symmetry of the crystal structure. Gemstones commonly have facets cut into them in order to improve their appearance by allowing them to reflect light. — “Facet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A facet of a geometric polyhedron is traditionally any polygon whose corners are vertices of the polyhedron. To facet a polytope is to find and join such facets to form a new polytope - this process. — “Facet (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A facet comprises "clearly defined, mutually exclusive, and collectively exhaustive aspects, properties or characteristics of a class or specific subject".[1] For example, a collection of books might be classified using an author facet, a subject facet, a date facet, etc. — “Faceted classification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


  • Every detail of the outing was a facet reflecting a sparkle to Jude, and he did not venture to meditate on the life of inconsistency he was leading. — “Jude the Obscure” by Thomas Hardy


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