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General Crossword Questions for “etui”

  • Needle case
  • Sewing case
  • A case of pin and needles
  • Even characters in Centauri make the case
  • A case for sewing being included in private tuition
  • Starts to ease toes up in case of pins and needles
  • A case for sewers
  • Case for retention of the tuition fee
  • Case for private tuition
  • A case concealed in perpetuity
  • Small case
  • Small sewing case
  • Small case for small articles
  • Small needle case e


  • An étui is a woman's ornamental case, usually carried in a pocket or purse. holds small tools for daily use such as folding scissors, bodkins, needles, hairpins, tweezers, makeup pencils, etc. Some étuis were also used to carry doctors' lancets. — “Decorative box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Box (plural boxes) describes a variety of containers and receptacles for permanent use as The word derives from the Greek πύξος (puxos), "box, boxwood".[1][2] Boxes may be made of. — “Box - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • My etymology-sense is waving a "cognate with 'two'" flag, if I may mangle a metaphor. According to Heritage, it is a mangling of étuis, the plural form of French étui, and possibly related to "study". — “Talk:Tweezers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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