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  • Sae a ettled tae redd it up. A coudnae find plettiestanes on ony dictionar. A fund a mention tae plattie - "A flat surface of any kind usually a platform or walkway, often in a tenement." An nae mention o it being a pavement. Pavement itsel. — “Talk:Plainstane - Wikipedia”,
  • Stead o "whit ye see is whit ye get" (known forbye as WYSIWYG), wiki uises simple text codes for formattin. The wiki can tak some HTML codes, but maist fowk uise the inbiggit MediaWiki mairkup leid, that's ettled for eith o editin. — “Wikipedia:Lessons (Formattin) - Wikipedia”,
  • He is widely kent as the Naitional Makar o Scotland, an his wark is celebrate aw ower the warld. Thay ettled tae flit tae Jamaicae, whaur Burns ettled tae wark as a beuk-keeper on a plantation. — “Robert Burns - Wikipedia”,


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