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  • Escalopes (also spelled as escallopes) are pieces of boneless meat which have been thinned out using a mallet,[1] rolling pin[1] or beaten with the handle of a knife.[2] By thinning out the meat, it cooks more quickly,[1] which is helpful when preparing fast meals. Contents. 1 Common meat types. — “Escalopes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The family coat of arms is a black shield with three escalopes (sea shells) The De Castlecarrock family was descended from the Norman de Vallibus or de Vaux family which came originally from Falaise in Normandy. — “Strickland (surname) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Paupiettes can also be made with various other items such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish, cabbage, turkey escalopes or slices of calves' sweetbreads. A paupiette is a type of roulade and sometimes called a braciole. Paupiette may also refer to. — “Paupiette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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