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  • Volta Electrometers. An electrometer is an electrical instrument for measuring electric charge or electrical potential difference. Modern electrometers based on vacuum tube or solid state technology. — “Electrometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A Lippmann electrometer is a device for detecting small rushes of electric current. It was invented by Gabriel Lippmann. The device consists of a U-tube which is thick on one end and very thin on the other. The thin end is designed to act as a capillary tube. — “Lippmann electrometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It is formally known as the Hubbard Electrometer, for the Church's founder, L. Ron Hubbard.[2] Critics point to a lack of scientific basis for the E-meter and associated practices. The Electrometer is not medically or scientifically capable of improving the health or. — “E-meter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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