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  • Electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) is a coherent optical nonlinearity which renders a medium transparent over a narrow spectral range within an absorption line. Extreme dispersion is also created within this transparency "window" which leads to "slow light", described below. — “Electromagnetically induced transparency - Wikipedia, the”,
  • Electromagnets are very widely used as components of other electrical devices, such as motors, generators, relays, loudspeakers, hard disks, MRI Electromagnets attracts paper clips when current is applied creating a magnetic field. — “Electromagnet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Free space · Lorentz force law · emf · Electromagnetic induction · Faraday's law · Lenz's Electrical conduction · Electrical resistance · Capacitance · Inductance · Impedance. — “Electromagnetism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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