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  • Earbuds / earphones. Earbuds or earphones are headphones of a much smaller size that are placed directly Other risks arise from the reduced awareness of external sounds—some jurisdictions regulate the use of headphones while driving vehicles, usually limiting the use of earphones to a single ear. — “Headphones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 4 and 5, the selectivity was improved by connecting the detector and earphone circuit to a tap across only a fraction of the coil's turns.[35] This signal cannot be converted to sound by the earphone, because the audio excursions are the same on both sides of the axis, averaging out to. — “Crystal radio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • English: A crystal radio receiver circuit that uses impedance matching to increase the power transferred from the antenna through the receiver to the earphone E1. This type of circuit was used in higher quality radios around 1920. to increase the power transferred from the antenna to the earphone. — “File:Crystal radio with impedance matching.svg - Wikipedia”,

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