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General Crossword Questions for “doughboy”

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  • The Pillsbury doughboy on a pancake mix package from Israel. Poppin' Fresh, more widely known as the Pillsbury Doughboy, is an advertising icon and mascot of The Pillsbury Company, appearing in many of their commercials. The Doughboy responds by rubbing his stomach and giggling (Hoo-Hoo!. — “Pillsbury Doughboy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Wartime era portrait of a typical American doughboy Hugh A Ball, circa: 1918. Doughboy is an informal term for an American soldier, especially members of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) in World War I. The term dates back to the Mexican–American War of 1846–48. — “Doughboy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Doughboy is an artificially created life-form, created by Arnim Zola as his servant, at Doughboy is a non-humanoid bioform who normally assumes an enormous. — “Doughboy (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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