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  • O=C(O)CNCP(=O)(O)O. InChI. InChI=1/C3H8NO5P/c5-3(6)1-4-2-10(7,8)9/h4H,1 169.07 g mol−1. Appearance. white crystalline powder. Density. 1.704 (20 °. — “Glyphosate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • EDC studies have linked endocrine disruptors to adverse biological effects in animals, giving rise to concerns that low-level "EUROPA - Environment - Endocrine disrupters". European Commission. — “Endocrine disruptor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I also thought Disruption, though I have never seen Disrupter used anywhere. There's a number of search results for disrupter, all of which seem to be us or our mirrors. — “Talk:Molecular Disruption Device - Wikipedia, the free”,


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