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  • Rab and R. Hanina both taught that this means one who disrespects a Talmid Chacham [erudite Torah scholar] that it is one who disrespects his neighbour in the presence of. — “Epikoros (Judaism) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • I took a look at IMDB (yes, I know it not a source for notability) and discovered that this production company is responsible for the creation of at least 122 films and with the distribution of at least 39 of them. No disrespects to the prodder, but that's why I deprodded. — “Talk:New Concorde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • They believe that this force is the source of life and social harmony. According to believers, Ìyá Àjé is able to cure, curse or to cause retributive justice on anyone who disrespects woman and motherhood.[1]. — “Iya Nla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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