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General Crossword Questions for “discomfit”

  • 18 makes hell sweet
  • Balk at dance music before it gets less noisy than usual


  • It is set during World War I. The hero of the novel, seaman Brown, is the sole able-bodied survivor of a sunken British warship, who is able single-handedly to discomfit its attacker, a German cruiser, long enough to ensure its destruction by its pursuers. Contents. 1 Plot. 2 Historical background. — “Brown on Resolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 1. it will somehow discomfit young people viewing the page. 2. including Keogh's name implies that there are other murderers or potential murderers at the school, a patently illogical assertion. Shame on you for vandalising the page because some facts discomfit you. — “Talk:Saint Ignatius College, South Australia - Wikipedia, the”,
  • Many writers such as Harekrishna Deka[5] and Temsula Ao have expressed discomfit with the term North-East India and North Eastern writers, respectively.[6] A section also strongly argue that the term is colonial and hence, an artificial construct. — “Literature from North East India - Wikipedia, the free”,


  • He felt that he had penetrated more deeply than ever before into this intricate affair, and that he had originated a leading idea–he could say it without self-flattery–calculated to clear up the whole business, to strengthen him in his official career, to discomfit his enemies, and thereby to be of the greatest benefit to the government. — “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy

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