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General Crossword Questions for “diopter”

  • Ancient surveyor turned to pride


  • For other uses, see Diopter (disambiguation). A dioptre, or diopter, is a unit of measurement of the optical power of a lens or curved mirror, which is equal to the reciprocal of the focal length measured in metres (that is, 1/metres). It is thus a unit of reciprocal length. — “Dioptre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Target shooting diopter of a 10 metre air rifle with a mounted occluder for the non-aiming eye The diopter is in principle a height and sideways (elevation and windage) adjustable occluder with a small hole (aperture), and is placed close in front of the shooter's. — “Diopter sight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In modern usage, diopter or dioptre is a measure of the refractive power of an optical system. Any lens system, such as a telescope. A diopter sight. A close-up lens used in photography. — “Diopter (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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