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  • Wikipedia article includes a simple diagnostic test, rates of incidence, causes, and types of deficiency. The deuteranope suffers the same hue discrimination problems as the protanope, but without the abnormal dimming. — “Color blindness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The deuteranope does not appear to be the result of green pigment loss. It has been postulated that Pitt's deuteranope is a case where the red and green receptors have merged in some proportion. To investigate this, we. — “User:PAR/Work5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • for a deuteranope is an imaginary color far off the axis of the CIE color space. by a trichromat look the same to a dichromat, like that a deuteranope sees deep red as black, pink as sky blue and forest green. — “Talk:Color blindness/Describing color blindness - Wikipedia”,


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