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  • In order for it to be released and break out the air and gas such as methane, H2S and CO2 from the mud to the surface, the drilling fluid must pass degassing technique and it can be accomplished by the equipment called degasser which is also a major part of a mud systems. — “Degasser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Desander is installed after shakers and degasser but before desilter. Desander are preceded by gas busters, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized), shale shaker, mud cleaner (if utilized) and vacuum degasser. — “Desander - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • (1) Solvent reservoirs, (2) Solvent degasser, (3) Gradient valve, (4) Mixing vessel for < br> (1) solvent reservoirs, (2) solvent degasser, (3) gradient valve, (4) mixing vessel,. — “File:HPLC apparatus.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,

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