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  • This process is also termed dedifferentiation.[4] Some believe dedifferentiation is an aberration of the normal development cycle that results in cancer,[5] whereas others believe it to be a natural part of the immune response lost by humans at some point as a result of evolution. — “Cellular differentiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Also, human cells can undergo dedifferentiation w/o coaxing in culture (an example being Muller glia in the retina that can dedifferentiate and replace both retinal glia and neurons.) Would the new iPS technique be considered as a dedifferentiation process?. — “Talk:Dedifferentiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It implies dedifferentiation, or loss of structural and functional differentiation of normal cells. of differentiation, rather than dedifferentiation of specialized cells, account for. — “Anaplasia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,


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